“A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Wednesday, June 25, 2014



It was Wednesday eve.
I had no poem to post
to share with readers.

So here I am now
telling you I have nothing
on offer today.

I will just say, hi!
Thank you for sticking around
and reading my stuff.


Muffie said...

Sometimes I draw blanks, too. It's okay -- even writing just to stay in touch is still writing. Putting into 17 syllables is even more reward worthy!
(I thought about you the other day when a TV character spoke only in haiku! He was a murder suspect, though!)

Karen said...

Hi Judy!

Gail said...

"HI" back to you my friend. And I can read your words/poems any time I want to - I have your book :-) So relax, and know I 'hear' you even when you don't speak or write.
Love Gail

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU!

The Wheelchair Kamikaze said...

Hey Judy, been battling some writers block of my own lately, maybe it's going around. Let me know if you find the cure…

Judy at Peace Be With You said...

To all, usually coming up with those 17 syllables per verse is something which almost feels like a natural way of speaking for me. The stress in my life, however, has managed to interrupt that, too. But, I am so happy to have such faithful, understanding, and compassionate readers as you.

Muff, blanks are part of the writer's journey, methinks.

Karen, hi, again!

Gail, thanks for being so supportive.

Anonymous, you're welcome!

Marc, yeah, I'll use a bullhorn if I find the cure.