“A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Break My Silence

I share the following poems with you as I seek a path out of sorrow and despair. The beginning and ending poems are new. The others have appeared previously on this blog and are included in my book Peace on the Journey. Grouped together, they reveal the arc of my current trajectory.


I keep working on
finding a reset button
so love can prevail.

Lasting solutions
continue evading me
as fresh trauma lands.

How I will emerge
from ruthless remorseless loss
right now is a guess.


I Want to Believe

Life is a blessing.
Joy reigns as a birthright gift.
Gentleness is mine.

Discord and sorrow
oppressive and enduring
can be overcome.

Love will seek a way
to salve even the deepest
open wounds of loss.


Love Prevails

Somewhere kindness lies
waiting to be permitted
to ply its healing.

A love-emptied world
keens with anguished cry seeking
compassion’s healing.

I want to believe
love prevails ultimately.
Grant me evidence.


This I Believe

I do not know how
I will manage to endure,
but I trust I shall.

I tap into roots
spiritual and grounded
My center will hold.

Faith in renewal
anchors my spirit in hope
my life will be blessed.


And Yet

Loss retains its sting.
Heartbreak may resist efforts
to rely on hope.

I stumble about,
steeped in despairing sorrow.
Solutions elude.

No easy answers
no uplifting messages
now present themselves.