“A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Wednesday, March 25, 2015



Acceptance may lag
the clear evidence of loss.
Adjustment takes time.

Unwilling to cope,
resisting recognition
becomes an M.O.

When I am ready,
I will feel my way through it.
A work in progress.


Karen said...

Hi Judy, just to let you know your comment came through on my post!

Dealing with MS is a work in progress. I think I am one of the lucky ones. I accepted the hand that MS has dealt me. I no longer dwell on the loses, but rather revel in all the other positives in my life. This damn disease will not keep me down!

Muffie said...

Judy, you and Karen amaze me with the fact that you are so "accepting" of your situation. I visit "Acceptance" periodically -- it's the mountain right next to "Resignation." Unfortunately, I don't reside there for long -- I slip back to the valleys of "Rebellion" and "Ire" and I have to work my way back up the hill.

Judy at Peace Be With You said...

Gosh, I have debated whether to pipe in with a response earlier than I usually do, but I felt I must. I am well familiar with readers coming up with a different way of looking at things than the author intended. That is one of the joys of being a writer, to discover what the readers glean which may be a revelation to the writer. This is one such case.

Karen, yours is close to what I intended. However, I, like Muff, have a deep admiration of how well you cope, how rich a life you create, because I think you are so much more accepting than I!

Muff, which is why I am blown away by your thinking I am so "accepting" of my situation. In fact, though acceptance is a goal for my emotional well being, I am very much a "work in progress!" I rail. I rebel. I cry. I get angry. Actually, pissed off is more like it. It's just that I do then say, come on, reel yourself back in. This isn't getting you anywhere good in a permanent way.

But I am very much a work in progress. Indeed, I often admire how you create such a meaningful life, with your family especially, despite your losses.

So I don't want anyone to think I inhabit an elegant glass house of high-minded acceptance because it would shatter instantly if someone were to throw stones at any attempt I might make to have "figured it all out." Because I haven't!

Gail said...

Hi Judy - acceptance to surrender - a journey we are all on, and with MS I find the journey is on going a I arrive at certain truths while taking on new ones along the way. So yes, process of unyielding force -
Love Gail

Judy at Peace Be With You said...

Gail, yours is always a gentle insightful comment, with a great deal of wisdom. Thank you for gracing my blog with your lovely words.