“A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Am Mostly Brave

If I get weepy,
It’s usually because
I miss who I was.

I know I’m still me,
But my new garment sometimes
Does not fit too well.

I am mostly brave.
I smile through a lot that pains.
Aren’t I just like you?


Bibliotekaren said...

I think when we cry from that place of true authentic grieving, we contribute to our strength and courage. I too miss a lot of who I was.


Judy said...

I like "place of authentic grieving" contributing to our strength and courage.

Laura said...

I read your post on carnival of ms bloggers and decided to stop by...I have to say, in general I really hated being on copaxone! It hurt every single dose...like the nastiest wasp sting imaginable for an hour and a half every darn time! Lucky for me (ha, ha) my new neuro decided I needed the big guns, so now I'm on Tysabri...had my first infusion 2 weeks ago...no change yet. I'm hoping this will slow the disease process down, even if I stay the way I am symptom wise. I love your haikus...there is so much grieving to do and yet, rejoicing too...we're still here...I don't know, I look for the blessings and humor in every day, that's my self prescribed healing method...but I grieve too, especially for my kids and my husband and the Mom and Wife they used to have, the one who faded as MS has changed everything about the life we knew before.

I would like to add your link to my blog, is that ok? Let me know.
gentle steps,

Laura said...

oops, Judy, I'm sorry, I thought the entry above yours was yours too...sorry about the copaxone comments. I still love your haikus and your incredibly courageous story about Hope on the right column...you are indeed a gifted writer, and of course captured the essence of hope and acceptance so well in this story. I'm so glad I stopped by.


Judy said...

Laura, thanks for stopping by. As for "I would like to add your link to my blog, is that ok?" Yes, of course. If you will also let me know which of your blogs I should follow, I'd love to sign up as a follower, too. My current energies do not permit me to sign up for more than one.

gentle steps,too,

Judy said...

Thank you, Lisa Emrich, for featuring this poem in your Carnival of MS Bloggers.