“A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting Things Done


It used to serve me.
Push, push, push, and keep going
to finish a job.

I still complete tasks,
pressing on through exhaustion
until I collapse.

Dogged willpower
stubbornly commands and rules.
Not always for good.


Judy said...

The photo for this poem is a bit ironic since the man is pulling on a rope. He is not pushing, except himself. Sometimes,finding the right photo takes longer than writing the poem. This was one such instance. I limit myself to photos free of copyright issues, usually on Wikimedia,and no matter how I tried, a better photo did not appear. So I ask my readers to imagine him talking to himself, saying, come on, push yourself, keep going. It was in that spirit that I chose the photo.

Muffie said...

Good choice in the photo! I should start embellishing again -- maybe it would force me to do more photography.
I love the sentiment in the poem -- I said similar in my post today, but not as eloquently.

Robert Parker said...

I am quite selective about letting things find their way to the world of "Dammit, I AM going to do this." But if it goes on that list, it gets done, Somehow. Perhaps "eventually."

Karen said...

I still try to push myself, but...more times than not, I fail.

Judy said...

Muff, glad you like the photo, especially since I spent so much time doubting my choice.

Robert, you're right. Maybe a wiser path might be first selecting what is a Must Do.

Karen, I may not always fail, but I will always be tired, small task or big.