“A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What a Difference a Friend Makes


A dear friend stopped by.
Healing laughter, tears, and joy
flowed mutually.

We should all be blessed
to have at least one person
who opens one's heart.

The act of sharing
nurses what wounds might linger.
It lifts our spirits.


Muffie said...

I truly am blessed when I think of the friends who surround and support me. Family sort of 'have to' be there, but the friends who choose to stay -- even as I fade -- they're the blessings!

Gail said...

Hi Judy - y, a good and true friend makes all the difference. such a blessing
Love Gail

xaidw B said...

Through pain and tragedy, Judy and I have become friends.
What an amazing connection we found in each other.

Sus palabras hablan la verdad que viva en mi corazon.
Muchas gracias, mi amiga.
La Mama de Jorge

Judy at Peace Be With You said...

Muff, Gail, and Hilda, I am so appreciative of your comments but I am so exhausted by computer trials that I can't respond individually. Thanks for being a friend.