“A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Musings While in Isolation

So what am I doing in coronavirus isolation? I write haiku-influenced poetry. I will keep adding more as thoughts arise. Stay safe, all.


A World in Lockdown

Abruptly becalmed
routine rushing and striving.
The eerie silence.

thrust upon the unwilling.
An uneasy fix.

Financial levers
clanking in a spin cycle.
Threatened livelihoods.

Stark trajectory
alarming even the brave.
Menacing unknowns.

Praising the helpers:
food, health, mail, money, civic.
Together we rise.


The Unfathomable?

This I fear deeply:
an unchecked unraveling of
the social order.

Could the worst happen?
Breakdowns of support systems
portend more hardship.

In uncertain times,
despots and demagogues ply
their flawed solutions.

Group collective strength
may prevail for good or for bad
Which do we choose now?

May current choices
aid what’s good for the many
and not just a few.


Front Line Heroes

Many come forward
risking themselves to sustain
strangers and loved ones.

Their list now includes
doctors, nurses, ship captains,
paramedics too.

Present also are
store clerks and mail carriers.
Truckers contribute.

Civic, finance, tech,
media, spiritual
join with researchers.

Such heroes declare
selfless giving still exists.
Goodness can prevail.



Gail said...

Hello my dear ole friend - it has been a long time and I am quite happy to "see" you. I have been away from blogging and only recently began to post and catch up. Sending you prayers and love during this challenging time.
Love, Gail

Judy said...

Gail, how lovely to reconnect! I too have mostly been away from blogging. Fare well during these trying times. Lots of love.

Dan and Jennifer Jennifer Digmann said...

We've so missed you, Judy! Thank you for sharing your words and voice of reassurance that we collectively can make it through these unknowns together. Dan and Jennifer

Judy said...

Dan and Jennifer, I have so missed you guys, too. So I am delighted we are in touch again.You should also know that because I keep writing these poems, I will be making this an ongoing series. I haven't figured out the optimal way to do that yet. I will let you know when I know what that will be. Stay safe!